Special Applications

Technical textiles, especially the nonwovens are proper for the development and diversification. So during the production or thanks to the spin finishing applications different kinds of specialties can be achieved. UV treatment, flame retardancy, hydrophilic treatment, anti-microbial treatment, anti-static treatment, etc In an example, the nonwoven can be treated with UV for the outdoors usage. Moreover nonflammability is another usefull treatment for the protective garments or furniture production.


On the other hand, to enable the certain fluid barrier and to provide more durability, coatings are applied onto the nonwovens. Especially on the fabrics to be used as tarpaulin or construction membranes coatings are effective solutions. Whats more, to make the end products attractive to give an esthetical appearance, printings can be done onto the nonwovens. Printings applications are often preferred for the diaper or shopping bag production nonwovens.