SMS – SMMS Nonwovens

SMS and SMMS nonwovens are formed of 3 or 4 layers of spunbond and meltblown plies. However one cannot observe the layers by seeing with naked eyes or by touching with hands. The more the nonwoven have layers, the more the appearance of the nonwovens gets even. The most important specialty of the SMS and SMMS fabrics is being hydrophobic. Those nonwovens are the ones to be preferred for the application with the high fluid performance.


The hydrophobic performance is enabled thanks to the meltblown (M) layers and the spunbond (S) layers provide strength and durability. Also the more M layers between the S layers, the more you have fluid barrier performance. The thickness of the fabric is determined with the mass per unit area of the fabric which is generally gr/m2 (GSM). The SMS and SMMS fabrics produced by Ritas are 100% polypropylene. The standard widths are 3,2 m and 1,6 m but the rolls can be sliced into smaller rolls.