Mattress Ticking Nonwoven

Bedding and sleeping industry is always required a special know-how and experience because this industry cannot be positioned in neither textiles sector nor furniture sector. From this point of view, this industry needs a special expertise and special raw materials. What’s more, mattress ticking fabric is one of the most important parts of a mattress.


Besides it holds the components of a mattress, it certainly should meet some needs too. While laminating the mattress ticking fabrics with nonwovens you provide a stuffed vision and this stuffed vision offers a rich appearance as well as a comfortable sleeping experience. Moreover this appearance highlights the quality of the mattress ticking. The mattress ticking fabrics laminated with nonwovens last longer. On the other hand you preferable create a value for your mattress with flame retardant, anti-mikrobial or anti-bacterial specialties of nonwovens.